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Welcome Moss Creek Village residents to your new HOA website! With this new site, we hope to improve communication with you and your community. Bookmark this page and refer to the site often for the most current updates and events and as a simple stop for HOA documents and forms.  Please keep in mind that the website is still being constructed and additions are being made.

~ Neighborhood News ~
Winter Pool- Lap Swim and Spring Break
Posted on Mar 25th, 2015
Lap Swim
We are pleased to announce the anticipated lap swim hours for the winter pool structure. 
The pool is now open Tuesdays and Thursdays 12noon-1:30pm for LAP SWIMMING ONLY. The time is scheduled for those residents that wish to swim laps for exercise or training- this is NOT OPEN swim time, so please do not arrive with children that are not interested and able to only lap swim. 
Spring Break
The winter pool will be open extra hours during the week of Spring Break! The opening hour is yet TBD, but there will be at least several hours during the weekdays (3/30 through 4/3) for resident open swim. Lap Swim time will still be honored Tuesdays and Thrurdsays from noon- 1:30. As soon as the time schedule is confirmed, we will announce the spring break weekday open swim hours. 
Winter Pool Facility to Open Saturday 2/28/15
Posted on Feb 25th, 2015
The day has finally arrived! the Winter Pool Facility will open to the Moss Creek Residents on Saturday February 28, 2015 at 1pm.
Initially, the hours will be Saturdays and Sundays 1pm-6pm for open swim. 
Shortly, weekday lap swimming hours will be announced. 
Hours may be subject to change at the Board's discretion and depending upon attendance.
Two Lifeguards will always be on duty during these hours. 
Entrance to the Winter Pool will be through the EAST POOL GATE - it has been outfitted with card access. This is the gate on the left side of the clubhouse closest to the tent structure. 
Each resident entering must swipe his or her ID card to enter the gate, then proceed inside the tent structure to sign in with the Lifeguard.
The restrooms are still located inside the lower level of the clubhouse. A temporary fence has been erected to restrict access to the restrooms and the tent structure and to keep anyone from unsafely accessing the other un-guarded swimming pools and deck space.  
The Winter Swimming Facility is a place that is primarily for swimming. There is not a lot of deck space inside for lounging or hanging out. There will be chairs around the perimeter and a couple of tables, but no lounge chairs. State regulations require a 10 foot clearance of decking around the pool itself. 
Please read the Winter Pool Rules Addendum before visiting the facility. 
The Winter Swim Facility will be open through the end of April. In the beginning of May, the pool will be closed in preparation for the regular season which begins on May 16th. Winter Pool Rules Addendum
Winter Pool Access
Posted on Jan 19th, 2015
We do not yet have a definitive answer on when the residents will be granted access to the Winter pool.
The construction is not yet complete on the structure. They are still installing the interior lighting and heating. There are inspections and permitting that remain to be done by the County/City for electrical, gas and health dept. We also still have to finalize the bathroom access process and the method we will use to close off the rest of the pool facility/deck for safety and liability. 
Once we have those things accomplished, we will announce the opening to the residents.
This is the information printed in the January newsletter and answers many of the commonly asked questions:
Coming through the front entrance of the community towards the clubhouse, you can’t miss the new structure over the 25 meter ‘adult’ pool...
Moss Creek Master and TOA Assns Annual Meeting & Election—Reconvened
Posted on Jan 12th, 2015
The annual meeting of the Master Assn was held on November 17th and the TOA’s annual meeting was held on December 11th.  Neither Association meeting had enough resident attendance to meet the quorum requirements to conduct official business/elect officers.  Therefore, the Master meeting will be reconvened on Monday, January 26, 2015 at 6:30 pm and the TOA annual meeting will be reconvened on Thursday, January 22, 2015 at 6:30 pm at the Moss Creek Clubhouse at 9505 Moss Plantation Ave NW Concord, NC 28027. If you do not plan to attend, make your vote count by turning in your proxy BY the day of the meeting. For the Master, please select THREE (3) candidates when voting. You may email your proxy to, drop it off at the clubhouse office, place it in the locked drop box by the clubhouse front door, fax it to the Fort Mill office or hand it to a neighbor that plans to attend the meeting.  Click here to download the Master Association Proxy. Click here to download the Townhome Association proxy;  Or pick up a copy in the clubhouse lobby.
For the reconvened meeting, State Statute 47F allows for the quorum requirements to be reduced to half of the original amount, therefore, 5% of the membership equaling 63 votes either in person or by proxy is needed for elections to occur.  In an effort to expedite the election, the Board will be voting via directed proxy.  If you do not plan to attend the meeting to vote in person, please submit a proxy completely filled out no later than the commencement of the meeting.   
2014 Holiday Lights Contest- VOTE NOW!
Posted on Jan 9th, 2015
It is time to vote for your favorites! There is a lot of really great decorating spirit in Moss Creek- as usual! The Social Committee had a hard time choosing only the top 17 homes. Now it is your turn to vote on the 3 best! There are three categories: Whimsical, Traditional and Townhomes. Homes were selected in each category. Vote for your favorite in each category on the surveys on this page (dont forget to click through each of the 3 surveys!). Please have your votes in by 1/18/2015.  Click on 'read more' below to see pics of each home.
Moss Creek Master Association Annual Meeting & Election
Posted on Nov 25th, 2014
The annual meeting of the Moss Creek Village Homeowners Association Inc. was held on November 17, 2014.  The Association did not meet the quorum requirements to conduct any official business/elect officers.  Therefore, the meeting will be reconvened on January 26, 2015 at 6:30 pm at the Moss Creek Clubhouse located at 9505 Moss Plantation Ave, Concord, NC 28027
The purpose of this meeting will remain to elect three Board Members to serve for staggered terms to the Association’s Board of Directors.  At this time six individuals have stepped forward to serve on your HOA Board. You may click here or visit the Board Members page to view/print a proxy that lists the candidates and their brief statement of intent. Proxies may still be accepted to vote for these candidates through January 26, 2015. Please select THREE (3) candidates when voting.
State Statute 47F allows for the quorum requirements to be reduced to half of the original amount, therefore, 5% of the membership equaling 62 votes either in person or by proxy is needed for any business to be conducted at this meeting.  In an effort to expedite the election, the Board will be voting via a directed proxy.
Although your input is always welcome, the sole intent of this meeting will be to make the Board of Directors official.  Votes will be cast, counted and announced.  Your attendance is welcomed at the meeting though general discussion may be brief. 
Phs II Greenway- Construction Progress Summary
Posted on Oct 29th, 2014
The construction of Hector H. Henry II Greenway Phase 2 is underway. Within the next two weeks, the project contractor will be installing a secondary construction entrance at Alexia Court. The primary construction entrance is still located at the end of Astoria Lane. Equipment will be delivered to the site and silt fence and other erosion control measures will be installed. Once these measures are in place, trail clearing and grading will begin. Site grading, installation of gravel sub-base and pile driving for the boardwalks will begin soon. A construction fence will be installed just past the observation deck on Phase 1. Please remember that this is a construction zone and is not open to the public.
Board of Directors -Positions Open for Re-Election
Posted on Oct 3rd, 2014
The Moss Creek Board of Directors- both TOA and Master, are looking for residents with an interest in serving our community to join the Board. There are 3 positions are up for re-election on each Board.
Ultimately, the role of the Board is to protect and increase property values. This is accomplished by operating the association, maintaining the common property, and enforcing the governing documents.
Those interested in submitting for candidacy may contact Holly Biddle at (888) 600-5044, Moss Creek; Please submit a short letter of intent and your resume. Intent must be submitted by October 15th. Still no candidate interest from the TOA members! We have 3 seats open.Elections will be held at the Annual Meeting /Budget Meeting in November. The elected officers will become active at the meeting following the close of the election meeting (January or February 2015).
Potential Amendment to CC&Rs to Restrict Leasing
Posted on Sep 10th, 2014
There is a proposal to change the Moss Creek Village Master CC&Rs to restrict leasing of homes. Linked here are the proposed amendment (which will be the 2nd amendment to the CC&Rs, if passed) and the ballot for voting. If you wish to fill out the ballot: print, sign and return it to the drop box outside the front door to the clubhouse or scan it and email it to All ballots must be received by Sept 15th. The governing documents require 2/3 (67%) vote to alter the CC&Rs. That translates to 831 ballots.
We currently have received only 152 signed ballots back from Moss Creek owners- a very far cry from the 831 needed to pass this amendment. By EOB Monday Sept 15th, if 831 ballots approving the amendment are not in hand, it will not pass and no change will be made to the current CC&Rs.
If the community truly wishes to amend the language in the CC&Rs regarding leasing, and the necessary ballots have not been collected by 9/15, the ballot collection process must start all over.
New HOA Communication Email Address
Posted on Aug 21st, 2014     click here to read about the benefits of the Kuester Support Team
~ Upcoming Events ~
Pre-Teen Dance
Friday, May 1st, 6pm-9pm
More info to come
Community Yard Sale
Saturday, May 9th, 7am-1pm
More info to come
Cornhole tournament & Adult October Fest
Sunday, May 24th, 3pm-7pm
More info to come
Ice Cream Social/Parade
Saturday, July 4th, 10am-12pm
More info to come
Pool Party
Saturday, August 1st, 5pm-10pm
More info to come
Youth Event
Saturday, September 5th, 4pm-8pm
More info to come
Happy Hour & Karaoke
Friday, September 11th, 7pm-10:30pm
More info to come

~ Survey ~
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~ Irrigation Updates~

Irrigation is far and away the most frequent concern our residents voice to the management company.  Moss Creek's is an extremely complex irrigation system, and when a part of it malfunctions it is critical that Kuester is informed quickly. 
Remember, the HOA is only responsible for getting water to your curb.  Anything beyond the curb, including timers, sprinkler heads, etc. is the responsibility of the homeowner (excluding Townhome Owners).  The Irrigation Manager’s focus is on the maintenance of the common areas and making sure the system is running properly during the scheduled times and the common grounds are being watered appropriately.
Proper timer programming is crucial to the functionality of the system and it is your responsibility to make sure your timers are set correctly. The clock/timer that you have in your garage is intended to facilitate the opening of your irrigation system on your Lot to the sub main during the specified hour that the timer is set for. This time should coincide with the time that the irrigation zone you live in runs.  First, make sure your timer is set properly and it still has its programming. If you are unsure about how to program your timer, check the owner's manual or consult with an independent landscaper. Many timer instruction manuals are available online.
Then, find your valve box in your yard that houses the electric valves that man your individual zones on your Lot.  There will be one valve per zone in your yard. Make sure that these electric valves are all turned off. You may have your clock set, but with these valves turned in the ON position, the clock is being bypassed and not operating according to its purpose. To turn your system from manual setting to clock function, you must turn off the irrigation valves in the valve box in your yard. If the valves will not turn any further to the right, they may need to be unscrewed and rinsed out. Dirt and mulch can get inside the workings and cause them to stick open (thus allowing your system to come on anytime during the day the HOA pressurizes the sub mains at the street). Being that Moss Creek’s irrigation system uses ‘dirty’ water or unfiltered well water instead of city water, there is regular system maintenance that is required to keep your system working properly- cleaning your filter and valves. You should do this at least once or twice a season. In addition, you must make sure that your system only operates one zone in your yard at a time during the hour of scheduled irrigation. The main system is designed to provide a total of 600 gallons of water to each lawn, spread over a one-hour time frame For example, if your irrigation system has 4 zones, you will need to set your clock to run each separately -for say 15 minutes each. A good tip is to water side yard zones for less time and rotor zones longer and not to waste too much of your hour on any drip zones.  Broken heads are also a cause of much water waste. Please make sure that all of your heads are in working order. A broken head can waste as many as 25 gallons per minute!
Over-watering your lawn is not only wasteful, but it can lead to diseased turf and growth of fungi.  The system is equipped with turf-saturation sensors or rain sensors which will prevent the irrigation from being activated if the ground is saturated to a certain point. A ½ an inch of rain or more activates the system’s rain sensors. Do not over-compensate for a missed irrigation cycle by running multiple zones at once. This abuse of the system could cause you to lose your watering privileges or pay a fine.
The irrigation main lines and sub-mains are not usually presurized during the daytime. To test or work on your system during business hours OR TO FLAG YOU IRRIGATION HEADS FOR AERATION, fill out the Irrigation Activation Request form on this website under the Irrigation tab. Note:  Irrigation inspections will be done each season. Every Homeowner must have their system running according to the Moss Creek  Please see Irrigation Resolution under the Irrigation tab. Irrigation Map and run times are also linked under the Irrigation tab on this homepage.
The irrigation season will end at the end of October- or as weather permits.
5/14/14- a wire shortage has caused all of Phs 2 to be shut down- Mike should be able to have it resolved Friday 4/16. 100% chance of rain predicted for Thursday.
4/14/2014- the irrigation start up has been pushed to Wed morning (4/16) earlierst (depending on how much saturation we have from impending rain tonight and Tuesday) due to unexpected failure on phs1 main controller.
8/29-9/1/2014- phase 1 pump station had a fault and shut down before completing the Friday run for all of phase 1. The technician was out yesterday and we believe the issue was addressed. Phase 1 should run tonight (9/3).