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TOA Welcome Letter

HOA Welcome Letter 

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Neighborhood News
Reasons Not To Feed Geese
Posted on May 3rd, 2019
Reasons Not To Feed Geese By Geese Relief
Feeding geese and other waterfowl bread and crackers is a common pastime for many adults and children, but many people do not know that this can be harmful to the birds, as well as the environment. Here are several reasons why you should not feed geese and other birds.
Bread, crackers, popcorn, and other high-carbohydrate foods are like junk food to birds. They provide very little nutritional content, and birds that fill up on them will not seek out other, nutritious food. This can cause the birds to become malnourished, which can contribute to a host of health problems for both adults and babies.
Even though you may only choose to feed geese and other birds small amounts of bread or other foods, other families may be doing the same thing. The result could be that the birds' diet consists primarily of unhealthy foods.
If an abundant supply of food is readily available from humans, the geese population will grow because the birds will be attracted to the handouts. This can cause the area to become overcrowded. A supply of easy-to-acquire food will also lead the birds to lay more eggs, which can further contribute to overpopulation.
Feeding geese bread can also contribute to the spread of disease. A diet rich in carbohydrates will cause the birds to defecate more, which can spread bacteria that can contribute to disease. Moldy bread that is not eaten and left on the ground can cause aspergillosis, a lung infection that can be fatal to waterfowl. In addition, rotting bread can attract pests, such as rats, mice, and insects, which can spread disease.
Feeding geese can also pollute the environment. Uneaten bread is unsightly. It can rot and release noxious odors, and it can also lead to the growth of algae, which can clog natural waterways and endanger the health of fish and other wildlife.
Geese and other birds that rely on humans for food lose their natural fear and may place themselves in dangerous situations, such as crossing roads in search of food. They may also become aggressive toward humans who do not provide them with the food they want.
While you may think that you are helping geese by providing them with food, you can be jeopardizing the health of the birds, other animals, and humans, as well as polluting the environment. Wild geese have plenty of healthy food in their habitat to sustain them. Let the geese find food on their own so that they and other animals in the environment can stay healthy.
The Commons Berm & Walkers Glen Monument
Posted on Jan 29th, 2019
TOA Landscaping Committee
If you have a "green thumb", we are interested in you!
Pine Valley has been doing a great job the past three years with our turf and we'd like to see if residents would like to form a landscaping committee to "spruce up" our TOA monuments during the year and take care of the Christmas decorations when the time comes.  
Your board has finally got to the point where our berm and the WG monument is in an attractive state.  We only need a handful of volunteers (2 or 3) and during the year it would involve some weed pulling and perhaps tilling.  It's a good way to get out of the house and do something for your community.  
If interested, please email mosscreek@kuester.com  
On a side note, the same offer goes out to all HOA residents.  Every community has a monument and a little extra loving care goes a long way.
BSA Troop 220 RE: Fence Painting Project
Posted on Apr 29th, 2018
The scouts planned to remove all the twigs and paint the fence line along Moss Farm Street in one day.  Well, it took over three hours just to remove the twigs that had grown between the chain links over the years.  Sherwin-Williams provided an additional 12 cans of black spray paint, on top of the 18 provided initially. It wasn't enough and after 5 hours out there the scouts called it a day.
Phase II should go much easier and the scouts, with adult supervision, will utilize an electric paint sprayer with paint Sherwin-Williams provided.  Troop 220 plans to finish this project before it starts getting hot and targeting mid-May.  
Moss Creek Village RE: BSA Troop 220
Posted on Apr 17th, 2018
The scouts from BSA Troop 220 Concord, plan to paint the fence line between the two Odell schools on Moss Farm Street this Sunday.  It'll be glossy black matching the existing Greenway fence.  This will help give the street a better appearance. 
This fence belongs to the Cabarrus County School System and we were given permission to paint the fence last year.  Sherwin-Williams (Kannapolis Store, near Sam's Club) donated all the paint, to include spray paint to make it easier for the scouts.  Welch Power Washing has donated his time and materials to power wash the fence line this week, prior to the painting.  If you get a chance on Sunday and see the scouts painting, please stop and say thanks.  
Update: Moss Farm Street Island
Posted on Apr 12th, 2018
A number of years ago, we tried to address our flowers from being run over at the tip of the Moss Farm Street island.  It was thought by pouring concrete at the tip it would help.  Well, in the process, the contractor poured the concrete in the wrong end.  And as you can see here in the picture, they poured a LOT of concrete.  
Thanks to the City of Concord, all the concrete has been removed from both ends, an ADA ramp was installed, and the other tip was scaled back enough to hopefully prevent school buses and other vehicles from running over our curb.  We owe Randy Shue a big thank you for getting this work completed during the Easter holiday and not impacting school traffic.  
City of Concord RE: Moss Farm Street Island Construction
Posted on Apr 5th, 2018
Last week, your HOA board sent a Matching Fund draft proposal to The City of Concord to remove the tip of the Moss Farm Street island.  Matching Funds are due to the city by late May. The email sent was to see if the city would support the proposal since DOT would be involved.  FYI:  The Matching Fund program, if approved by the city, matches up to $3000 towards a community project. 
The proposal removed the tip of the Moss Farm Street island (about 8 feet), closest to Harris Road. The flower bed there continued to be run over by school buses and other vehicles, even with the concrete pad added a few years ago.
The destroyed flowers did not give a good first impression entering our community.  Something all your board members are quite cognizant. The only option was to remove a good portion of the tip.  
With the city's review, they noticed we had one sidewalk, not in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and no clear path to the other side.  So, the city decided it was their responsibility and fund the entire project out of city funds. 
The project also includes the removal of the concrete pad at the other end of the island, which was poured by mistake.  This west tip will be the primary flower bed in the future and the other end, closest to Harris Road, will most likely be left turf.   
To make it even better, the city started the work yesterday!  
TOA RE: Spiral Junipers
Posted on Mar 21st, 2018
There was a miscommunication with Pine Valley last year about pruning the spiral junipers in The Commons (TOA).  The spiral junipers missed during the past cycle will be addressed with the next pruning.  
Sink Hole Along Moss Farm Street RE: Fixed
Posted on Mar 9th, 2018
The City of Concord repaired the small sinkhole along the sidewalk.  If you see sinkholes, please report them to Kuester as soon as possible.
Small Sink Hole Repair: Moss Farm Plantation
Posted on Mar 2nd, 2018
The City of Concord responded very quickly to a call about this sinkhole.  If you see sinkholes or anything that is out of the ordinary, please report it to Kuester Management as soon as possible. 
This is part of the email we received from Randy Shue, Concord's Street Superintendent:  "There are some utility conduits visible in the hole that will need to be identified before we can perform any type of repairs. NC state law requires that we contact NC811 to have the utilities located before we can excavate to determine the cause of the sinkhole. NC811 was contacted this morning and we will have to wait until after March 6 to give the utility company’s time to locate their lines in the area. This is a very small hole that I think may be from where someone attempted to dig to find the buried conduit, it does not appear that it will get any larger."
Amendment Passes!
Posted on Feb 27th, 2018
To everyone that helped get the vote out and to all who participated, a big Thank You from your HOA board!
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