Welcome, Moss Creek Village Residents!

As you know we have a change in Management companies.  And with this change the new company First Service Residential has a built us a community website that allows for a single place to go for all of your community information. This is also tied into their billing system. This makes it a single location for everything you need.  We are still adding documents, forms and other items to this site. But as of 10/21 this site will not be updated but can be used to reference previous information.   Please click on the link below and bookmark it as this will be your new Moss Creek Website. 

New Moss Creek Website

TOA Welcome Letter


I need a Pool Reservation! Coming Soon

Please be reminded the majority of your questions or concerns can be handled by the Customer Service Department at First Service Residential. please call 855-546-9462. 


Pool & Amenity Passes
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Irrigation Updates
Phase 1 & 2 are shut down until next week due to the incoming rain from Hurricane Sally
ZONE P: Zone P is still experiencing significant water pressure issues. This week Terra Green is going to attempt to islolate the issue by only running specific sections of the zone during the regularly schedule irrigation run times. 
P1 will run Tues 8/11
P2 will run Thurs 8/13
P3 will run Sun 8/16
PHASE 2: Pump Station for Phase 2 has been shut down to drain the mainlines for repairs to take place tomorrow. No Phase 2 Zones will run tonight/tomorrow.

Zone I: Zone I solenoid has been replaced and is now functional

Zone I: Zone I is still down as we are waiting on a Solenoid to come in from the distributor. The zone has been manually activated this past week to ensure watering, but it will not be activated on Sunday, May 17
Zone L: Zone L had a valve stuck open causing irrigation issues for the Zone. Terra Green repaired the valve and the system activated without issue
Zone J & N: Both Zones have reported Low Pressure. The Zones are currently scheduled to activate at the same time – leading to a loss of pressure. The Irrigation company and Board are going to investigate further the current schedule to determine better functionality.
Zone Q: Homeowners have submitted reports of Low Pressure. This will be investigated next week.
Zone R: Homeowners have submitted reports of Low Pressure. This will be investigated next week.
Zone V: Homeowner has submitted a report of No Water. This will be investigated next week.

Terra Green completed repairs to the irrigation system and reported that Zones to activate over the weekend successfully were activated. 

Terra Green is aware of the failure of the zones to activate for the Thursday PM / Friday AM schedule. 
They are currently working to determine the cause of the issue. 
We will update the community when we know more.

5/7/2020 (Updated)
On Tuesday, a mainline leak was identified. To be able to repair it, the system had to be shut down overnight (Tuesday night) to drain, so the repair could take place. So no Zones ran Tuesday PM / Wednesday AM.
On Wednesday, Terra Green was making repairs to Pump 2, but was unable to complete the repair due to the rain. Pump 2 was down for the Wednesday PM / Thursday AM run time.
Pump 2 is back up and running at this time.
Zone L: The Master Valve has been fixed and no homes valves had to be shut off. The mainline is up and running
Zone I: Zone I is currently down as we are waiting on a Solenoid to come in from the distributor. We hope to have Zone I operation by the Tuesday 7AM scheduled run time.

Terra Green will begin the Homeowner Irrigation Testing on Monday, April 20th.
The system will go Live on Saturday, May 2nd
Different from years past, each zone will have 2 hours of irrigation testing during their Testing Day.
Testing will be done twice over the next two weeks for each Zone to allow time for repairs to be completed.
Please take your scheduled time to test your personal irrigation system and make repairs to broken lines and irrigation heads, as well as adjust your heads for optimal dispersal.
Below is the Testing Schedule for each Zone.
Neighborhood News
The City's Matching Fund Program 2019
Posted on Sep 13th, 2019
City of Concord
Matching Fund Program 2019
Decorative Posts
Our HOA Board approved replacing five steel posts (stop & street signs) in our community this year with decorative posts.  This was accomplished through the City of Concord's Matching Fund Program.  The city will match up to $3000 if our project is approved and completed by the documentation submitted by the HOA Board.
Amendment Vote Passes!
Posted on Sep 6th, 2019
The Amendment vote has passed and we are now going through the final stage of getting both the HOA and TOA CC&Rs and Bylaws filed with the Register of Deeds through the HOA's attorney.  
Moss Farm Street Fence Line Painting Project
Posted on Jul 15th, 2019
Moss Farm Street Fence Painting Project
All but one of our TOA Board members were out this past Saturday pulling weeds out of the Moss Farm Street fence line, spray painting 10 lengths of fence and also spray painted three steel posts on one side of the Walkers Glen entrance.  Special thank you goes out to Justin Kutniewski (HOA Board member) for using his generator and doing 99% of the painting. 
FYI: Ten lengths of fence line takes about five hours to spray and with 25 lengths left to go we estimate another 13 hours to get this project behind us.
We also removed two brown signs from the first entrance on Walkers Glen, closest to Harris Road, since they were badly faded by the sun and we'll get the graphics replaced.  The metal signs are still in good shape.  
2020 Candidate Bio's
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