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Welcome Moss Creek Village residents to your new HOA website! With this new site, we hope to improve communication with you and your community. Bookmark this page and refer to the site often for the most current updates and events and as a simple stop for HOA documents and forms.  Please keep in mind that the website is still being constructed and additions are being made.

~ Neighborhood News ~
November Newsletter
Posted on Oct 30th, 2015
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Happy Halloween!!
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Trunk OR Treat! with Metrolina Church
Posted on Oct 29th, 2015
Metrolina Church will be having their annual Trunk OR Treat!
in the Moss Creek clubhouse parking lot 6-8:30pm on Saturday 10/31.
Aside from safe 'treating', they will serve free hotdogs, popcorn, and have a few games. 
Fitness Center News
Posted on Oct 13th, 2015
Cardio Equipment Lease is up for renewal
The treadmills, ellipticals and bike are on a lease and maintenance program. The term is up and the Board has decided to trade the cardio equipment for updated replacements.  Due to the new digital only cable platform TWC has moved to, each television will be required to have its own converter box and remote control (as you may have noticed in the last couple of months). That process does not work well for fitness centers with multiple pieces of equipment having tvs.
Therefore, the new equipment will not have televisions built into the machines. Several televisions will be installed on the wall within comfortable viewing distance of the cardio machines. The machines will have fm transmitters that will allow you to listen to the tv of your choice by plugging your earphones into the cardio machine console.
We hope to have the new equipment in within a couple of months- it all depends on the speed of the process to finalize the lease and order, receive and install the machines.
We appreciate those fitness members that care for the facility and remind you to please report to management any misuse you may see.
Your patience in the equipment transition is greatly appreciated!
See the October Newsletter information here!
Posted on Oct 1st, 2015
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Cornhole Tournament Postponed
Posted on Sep 29th, 2015
Since the forecast is calling for rain this weekend, the Social Committee is postponing the 
Oktoberfest/Cornhole Tournament-
It will now be on Sunday, October 11th;  3-7pm
October is a great month for beer tasting; we will have a variety of beer for your enjoyment. Remember to bring I.D! We will be providing wrist bands for those eligible to drink. If you are under 18 and want to play, you MUST be paired up with a parent or legal guardian over 21. This event is primarily for adults! Sign-up now @
Kannapolis Library
Posted on Sep 29th, 2015
Kannapolis Library- Cabarrus Library System
Lap swimming times available in the Winter Pool
Posted on Sep 28th, 2015
Lap swimming times available in the Winter Pool
SwimMac is offering residents that wish to lap swim lane space two days a week in the 25yard pool. Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30-6:30am and 12noon-1pm, beginning Oct 5th.  Once the open swim hours for the weekends are determined, the opening date and schedule will be announced. 
Aeration and Overseeding
Posted on Sep 17th, 2015
A&O is currently being performed in the townhomes and the common areas. Part of the process involves irrigation head repairs. Irrigation is scheduled to return to the regular 3 days a week schedule the week of 9/21.
Once overseeding is complete, the 2nd annually contracted shrub trimming will be done on the townhomes and common space. 
Residents needing to flag irrigation heads for aeration of your own yard should use the 'irrigation activation form' to request your irrigation to be pressurized during the day
September Newsletter
Posted on Sep 17th, 2015
August Newsletter
Posted on Jul 30th, 2015
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~ Upcoming Events ~
Holiday Happy Hour & Live Music
Friday, December 11th, 7pm-10:30pm
More info to come
Story time with Santa
Sunday, December 13th, 2pm-5pm
More info to come
House Decorating Contest
Monday, December 14th to Monday, December 28th
More info to come
Master Board Meeting / Reconvened Annual Meeting
Monday, January 25th, 6:30PM
Monthly Board meeting/ Annual Meeting reconvened 

~ Irrigation Updates~
Click here to view the new google map to locate your irrigation zone! (Thanks Rick Hocutt!)
Irrigation is far and away the most frequent concern our residents voice to the management company.  Moss Creek's is an extremely complex irrigation system, and when a part of it malfunctions it is critical that Kuester is informed quickly. 
Remember, the HOA is only responsible for getting water to your curb.  Anything beyond the curb, including timers, sprinkler heads, etc. is the responsibility of the homeowner (excluding Townhome Owners).  The Irrigation Manager’s focus is on the maintenance of the common areas and making sure the system is running properly during the scheduled times and the common grounds are being watered appropriately.
Proper timer programming is crucial to the functionality of the system and it is your responsibility to make sure your timers are set correctly. The clock/timer that you have in your garage is intended to facilitate the opening of your irrigation system on your Lot to the sub main during the specified hour that the timer is set for. This time should coincide with the time that the irrigation zone you live in runs.  First, make sure your timer is set properly and it still has its programming. If you are unsure about how to program your timer, check the owner's manual or consult with an independent landscaper. Many timer instruction manuals are available online.
Then, find your valve box in your yard that houses the electric valves that man your individual zones on your Lot.  There will be one valve per zone in your yard. Make sure that these electric valves are all turned off. You may have your clock set, but with these valves turned in the ON position, the clock is being bypassed and not operating according to its purpose. To turn your system from manual setting to clock function, you must turn off the irrigation valves in the valve box in your yard. If the valves will not turn any further to the right, they may need to be unscrewed and rinsed out. Dirt and mulch can get inside the workings and cause them to stick open (thus allowing your system to come on anytime during the day the HOA pressurizes the sub mains at the street). Being that Moss Creek’s irrigation system uses ‘dirty’ water or unfiltered well water instead of city water, there is regular system maintenance that is required to keep your system working properly- cleaning your filter and valves. You should do this at least once or twice a season. In addition, you must make sure that your system only operates one zone in your yard at a time during the hour of scheduled irrigation. The main system is designed to provide a total of 600 gallons of water to each lawn, spread over a one-hour time frame For example, if your irrigation system has 4 zones, you will need to set your clock to run each separately -for say 15 minutes each. A good tip is to water side yard zones for less time and rotor zones longer and not to waste too much of your hour on any drip zones.  Broken heads are also a cause of much water waste. Please make sure that all of your heads are in working order. A broken head can waste as many as 25 gallons per minute!
Over-watering your lawn is not only wasteful, but it can lead to diseased turf and growth of fungi.  The system is equipped with turf-saturation sensors or rain sensors which will prevent the irrigation from being activated if the ground is saturated to a certain point. A ½ an inch of rain or more activates the system’s rain sensors. Do not over-compensate for a missed irrigation cycle by running multiple zones at once. This abuse of the system could cause you to lose your watering privileges or pay a fine.
The irrigation main lines and sub-mains are not usually presurized during the daytime. To test or work on your system during business hours OR TO FLAG YOU IRRIGATION HEADS FOR AERATION, fill out the Irrigation Activation Request form on this website under the Irrigation tab. Note:  Irrigation inspections will be done each season. Every Homeowner must have their system running according to the Moss Creek  Please see Irrigation Resolution under the Irrigation tab. Irrigation Map and run times are also linked under the Irrigation tab on this homepage. Link to the FAQ page for contractor recommendations from other residents.
The irrigation season will end at the end of October- or as weather permits.
10/16/15- phase 1 irrigation is down until Monday due to a break in the main line. The repair is made and it will need to set to cure over weekend.
In an effort to increase pond levels, we are taking steps to conserve water. 
 ***We are reducing the irrigation run schedule to 2 days a week for TWO WEEKS***
Irrigation will not run Tuesdays 12am through Wednesdays 11:59pm. Every zone will be affected equally- losing one day of watering for just these two weeks. Moss Creek pushes more than 250,000 gallons of water a day, 6 days a week, therefore we will see the benefit to the pond levels rather quickly.
We are getting closer to our fall seeding date which has been tentatively set for the week of September 14. Mid-September is the ideal time for the greatest success with fescue seeding.  It will be a very water heavy time since we are trying to establish new seed.  Also, this is a crucial time since the success and failures we have during over-seeding will be with us the following year of 2016. Everyone knows that 2015 was a poor year for growing turf with long hot days of little or no rainfall (Cabarrus is in a moderate drought condition with the severe lack of rainfall so far this year).  The phase 1 pond, especially, has been exceedingly low.
With that, our current pond levels will not support a successful fall seeding.  We have been hoping for summer rainfall but it hasn't happened and now we need to enact a plan that best fits Moss Creek as a whole to ensure fall over-seeding is a success for both homeowners and the common areas so the community will look great in 2016.  
7/21/15- The rain sensors have automatically turned the sysytem off for 72hours. 1/2"+ rain will activate the rain sensors. 
6/9/15 All of the zones of irrigation are now operating. There are a couple of valves that are still in manual mode as program issues are worked through, but there shouldn't be any zone not receiving water for irrigation. 
6/3/15 Phs2-  38 of the 43 valves in phase 2 are now working from the clock. Hoping to have most of the rest of these fixed tommorrow if the parts arrive.
In Phs 1-  all is working except for zone A. It seems the repair for zone A is requiring a specialty part and will take 5 business days to get here.
**Both ponds are looking a lot better and both pumps are functioning well. 
6/1/15 Phs1- We now have 4 of the 5 wells feeding the phs 1 pond. Phs 1 will be turned on to run tonight. Zone A is still sending a fault to the program. It is likely a wire issue which is being investigated and will have to be repaired before it will be able to run by the program. Phs 2- Repairs to master valves are ongoing. An estimated 3/4 of phs 2 is getting irrigation water at this time. CBI believes they could have the remainder valves repaired within about a week. 
5/26/15  Phs2- In order to provide more residents in phase two water while the issues with the program and wire communication were being investigated and repaired, the irrigation manager manually opened as many master valves as possible late last week. This meant that the sub mains would remain pressurized all the time, instead of only by the alphabetical zone schedule. This only works when residents have their systems set up correctly by the clock and don’t abuse the water schedule.  Low pressure shut down phs 2 pump Sunday morning around 6am. Unfortunately, this was caused by too many residents having their systems not set up by the timer, stuck valves, their systems left open manually and others that purposefully took advantage of extra watering opportunities outside of their schedule. All of this drew too much water, therefore reducing the pressure which caused the pumps to shut down. Last week, the irrigation manager shut off many of the ball valves of individuals whose systems were running unmanaged and out of compliance. He then noticed by Sunday, many of those same individuals had turned their ball valves back on without fixing their systems. This sort of overuse is what will cause the master system to shut down removing irrigation water access for all residents. There were several homes in the community that ran completely unmanaged for many hours last weekend.  
Today, CBI spent the day working on outages in phase II. He was able to get the following areas working:
  • Part of V that runs between Olive Hill and Astoria and Moss Plantation and Remington.  
  • Part of O that runs along right side of Laurie and Dartmoor.  
  • Part of U that runs between Moss Plantation and Capella and Chandler and Chase Prairie.
Phase 1- The electrician was able to get an additional well running last Friday. Even while filling the pond with 2 wells, the water level has not risen enough to run all of phase 1. The well contractor will be out Thursday 5/28 to help fix our remaining well issues for phase I. At this time, they will only water the flowers.
**As a reminder, the issues we are experiencing at this time are not due to any inadequacies of the contractor.  The Board and management have every confidence in this contractor to service Moss Creek well and provide the community excellent long term benefits. While residents may not see the advantages and improvements as of yet, we are already receiving much better service and documentation that will provide better troubleshooting advantages in the future. We are beginning to experience issues with a unique and complicated system that is at least 12 years old.  Please continue to afford them the time necessary to repair the issues they are faced with starting up this season.  
5/21/15 The electricians were able to repair some of the electrical issues with the wells today. We now have an additional well back in operation and two wells are working to fill the pond. Two wells still have elcetrical issues that are being investigated. Phase 1 irrigation will still be off except for the flower beds. In Phs 2, CBI continued working on valves to ensure more areas have water. REMINDER, the hoa is not responsible to assist you to set you personal irrigation timer. At this time it is pertinent that Jacob focus his time on the repairs to the master irrigation system components. 
5/20/15 Three of the five wells for phase1 are experiencing electrical issues that are keeping them from running. Another one has a broken pipe. Only one is running at full capacity to fill the retention pond. The electrician is scheduled tomorrow morning to diagnose and hopefully repair. Phase 1 will not be able to run at this time due to lack of water available. Updates will be provided as soon as available. 
5/19/15- the Phs 1 pond level has dropped dramatically this week and CBI has been authorized to cut back on the irrigation runs for phs1 so the pond can refill. There is an issue with 2 of the smallest of the 5 wells that fill phs 1 retention pond and the well contractor is coming this afternoon to diagnose and hopefully repair. These 2 wells only procue 12-15 gal/min (much less than the other wells for phs 1, but they are obviously making an impact. 
5/19/15- We have gotten several notices about zone A- it is working when tested manually. Jacob is working to diagnose why the program seems to not run the water at the scheduled time.
5/19/15- The irrigation manager is now spending his time diagnosing which specific zones are not getting water- remember to notice whether your neighbors are getting water so you can be sure the issue is zone-wide, not just with your personal system. He is systematically running system tests all week- especially focused on phase 2. He is already aware that certain zones are not responding. He has discovered a wire issue where communication is lost to some of the master valves.  Being a two-wire system in phs 2, one failure in the wire can affect many valves beyond that point on that line. He is also discovering many isolation valves that were off that should not have been.  The Board and management have every confidence in this contractor to service Moss Creek well and provide the community excellent long term benefits.  Please afford them the time necessary to repair the issues they are faced with starting up this season.  
5/18/15- Now that we have the pump working and pushing water into phs 2, the irrigation manager will be able to further discover any issues with zones and master valves that may cause problems in certain areas. We have already had a number of residents that have not had their system /timer set up and were running non stop over the weekend, so we know there is water in a greater portion of phs 2. We now need to know which zones are not specifically getting water- remember to notice whether your neighpors are getting water so you can be sure the issue is zone-wide, not just with your personal system. Please provide us your zone and/or your address so we can compile the information and diagnose the issues quicker.  
5/15/15- Propumps has completed the installation of the VFD and the pump station seems to be operational! The system is on. The only problems we could see this weekend are if there are any master valve issues throughout the phase that CBI has yet been unable to detect/repair since the water wasn’t on to test out all of phase 2. 
5/13/2015- Propumps has scheduled their installation of the VFD for phs 2 pump stn for Friday morning (this was the soonest they could get here).
5/12/2015- Master valve at Broderick repaired this morning. 
Phs 1 -Master valve at Broderick. The irrigation manager discovered last week a malfunctioning solenoid to a master valve at the bottom of Broderick that feeds zone I and most of H and G . He has ordered this special part and it is now due in by late Tues 5/12 and installed on Wed morning  - It turns out that it takes a special order solenoid that cannot be found at any local dealer.
Phs 2 update- the new VFD is due in today and the contractor is planning to install it tomorrow 5/12.
5/5/2015-Irrigation for phase 2 of Moss Creek     
The phase 2 Pump station needs a new Veritable Frequency Drive @ c.$7500.
We have been struggling for several weeks to get one of the only 2 pump companies in the area out to make the repair.  The part was supposed to arrive last week. I am awaiting an e.t.a. from the pump contractor- We hope to be able to get it installed and phase 2 up and running by the first of the week. Phase 1 is running- if you live in phase 1 and you see your Zone is not getting water, let us know.(phase 1 is zones A-N;  phs 2 controls zones O-Z). We had initially hoped to be able to run phs 2 using the phs 1 pump station, but unfortunately, that doesn't work.


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