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Neighborhood News
TOA RE: Spiral Junipers
Posted on Mar 21st, 2018
There was a miscommunication with Pine Valley last year about pruning the spiral junipers in The Commons (TOA).  The spiral junipers missed during the past cycle will be addressed with the next pruning.  
Common Areas/ TOA RE: Mowing
Posted on Mar 20th, 2018
Due to the rain, Pine Valley can't mow the common areas or in the TOA.  Once the ground dries, they'll be out there.
Sink Hole Along Moss Farm Street RE: Fixed
Posted on Mar 9th, 2018
The City of Concord repaired the small sinkhole along the sidewalk.  If you see sinkholes, please report them to Kuester as soon as possible.
Small Sink Hole Repair: Moss Farm Plantation
Posted on Mar 2nd, 2018
The City of Concord responded very quickly to a call about this sinkhole.  If you see sinkholes or anything that is out of the ordinary, please report it to Kuester Management as soon as possible. 
This is part of the email we received from Randy Shue, Concord's Street Superintendent:  "There are some utility conduits visible in the hole that will need to be identified before we can perform any type of repairs. NC state law requires that we contact NC811 to have the utilities located before we can excavate to determine the cause of the sinkhole. NC811 was contacted this morning and we will have to wait until after March 6 to give the utility company’s time to locate their lines in the area. This is a very small hole that I think may be from where someone attempted to dig to find the buried conduit, it does not appear that it will get any larger."
Amendment Passes!
Posted on Feb 27th, 2018
To everyone that helped get the vote out and to all who participated, a big Thank You from your HOA board!
HOA Meeting
Posted on Feb 21st, 2018
HOA meeting Feb 26 @ 6:30 p.m.
Your Amendment Vote is Needed!
Posted on Feb 1st, 2018
Please be sure to cast your Amendment Vote ASAP!  Full details can be found under the "Amendment Vote" heading on this Home Page.  DEADLINE:  February 12, 2018
Crime and Safety Briefing
Posted on Jan 23rd, 2018

Be sure to attend community-wide crime and safety briefing with Concord Police January 25
Concord Police invite you to the next Crime and Safety Briefing on Thursday, January 25, 2018, at Forest Hill UMC Ministry Center (251 Union Street N), starting at 6:30 p.m. During the briefing the department will present Citywide crime statistics for the calendar year 2017. This is an opportunity for residents to interact directly with members of the Concord Police Department and receive information regarding their neighborhoods. Anyone attending and in need of special accommodations should contact Sergeant Larry Hubbard or Captain Robert Ledwell at 704-920-5000. Find out more at concordnc.gov/police.


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TOA Update: Mulch
Posted on Jan 22nd, 2018
Pine Valley removed our pine needles the first part of this month and started placing a high-quality mulch down this morning.
TOA RE: Annual Termite Inspection 12- 27-2017
Posted on Dec 20th, 2017
Attention Residents of Moss Creek Townhomes:
Killingsworth Environmental will be on the property Thursday, December 27th from 8:00 am-5:00 pm to perform the annual termite inspection for the exterior.
We will also spray a termiticide around the outer foundation wall, so please give 2 hours dry time before allowing pets outside.
Thank you, Brandy Crowe,
Killingsworth Environmental 704-821-4991 ext. 2230
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Irrigation Updates
With the rain, Pine Valley still has some work to do concerning the battery operated systems we have in Walkers Glen.  The Commons work is complete.


Pine Valley completed the replacement of battery-operated systems in The Commons and Walkers Glen should be finished by this or next week. 


We made some progress last spring by removing dead shrubs and replacing them in the townhome divisions.  If you live in The Commons or Walkers Glen and have dead shrubs in your yard, please notify Kuester.  This will add your residence to our "Punch List" and we'll try to work this into our 2018 budget.  


First Mowing/ Battery-Operated Project/ Fertilization
Pine Valley completed the first mowing in the townhomes this week with the exception of Walkers Glen due to the ongoing irrigation project.  The battery-operated system replacement should wrap up by the first or second week of March.
Pine Valley will be applying the first round of fertilization with pre and post-emergent herbicides this week in both the HOA and TOA. 
Kevin Redish
Pine Valley Turf 
Battery Operated Valve Project
Pine Valley had a set back with getting the location service company to complete the marking of the utilities.  This has placed the project about a week behind, so we may be looking at the first week of March for completion.  We'll post all Pine Valley updates here and include a monthly update in our March newsletter. 
Pine Valley we will perform our first fertilization with pre and post-emergent herbicide next week.  This will prevent the germination of crabgrass as well as kill any broadleaf weeds currently present in our turf. 
HOA Common Areas
This week Pine Valley blew off the hard surfaces, rolled the pine needles, and treated the hard surfaces for weeds. Next week, weather permitting. Pine Valley will perform turf fertilization with the pre and post-emergent herbicides. Pine Valley plans to "tip cut" the turf the week of March 5th to encourage the green up of our turf. This will remove the frost burnt tip off of the grass and encourage new growth. 
Pine Valley will start running tests on our irrigation the last part of March or the beginning of April to prepare our system for 2018.  Pine Valley is doing this early in order to let residents know the times you can test your systems as early as possible this year.   
Once we get more details, we'll post here and include any irrigation update in our newsletters.
You may have seen utility companies out marking their lines on our grass and streets.  This is preparing Pine Valley to replace ALL our battery operated systems in The Commons and Walkers Glen.  We expect the project to be completed by the first week of March.  This will eliminate the streams of water most of us are used to seeing running down our streets on a routine basis.  Once this project is completed, it will give Pine Valley remote access to our entire irrigation system.  
Click here to view the new Google map to locate your irrigation zone!  Or search this list of addresses by zone to learn your zone and valve #.
Irrigation is far and away the most frequent concern our resident's voice to the management company.  Moss Creek's is an extremely complex irrigation system, and when a part of it malfunctions it is critical that Kuester is informed quickly. 
Season 2017 System UPDATES:


Pine Valley Landscaping Update:

Greetings Moss Village Residents:

I wanted to touch base on what has been going on in your neighborhoods recently in regards to your landscaping and irrigation.

We mowed the HOA and TOA and removed the frost damage on the grass tips.  

Trimmed back the Cana Lily's at the Moss Farm Street entrance island.  Lia and Chris both mentioned homeowner's calling about them.  Both Cana plants were supplied under a TOA self-help project, which normally falls on the association.  Something I've discussed with the TOA president.  

Installed pine needles in the HOA and TOA common areas for the winter months.  Pine needles will be removed from the front and back of TOA homes starting the first week of 2018.  We expect to start replacing the pine needles with mulch once we completely remove the existing pine needles sometime mid-January.  

Completed the irrigation head repair for The Commons last month.  We completed the Walkers Glen irrigation head repair this past week and placed concrete doughnuts, around the heads near driveways.  Our hope is to help prevent unnecessary damage to the head by vehicles, children, bikes, etc., and save association funds.

We repaired the lights at the Moss Farm Street entrance monument.  If you see lights not working on your monuments, please submit a work order to Kuester or contact Lia.

Just a reminder that Pine Valley will be closed from 12/23/2017 until 1/2/2018.  We will have crews empty the dog stations the week of Christmas.

In case we do not see each other, Pine Valley wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!    

Kevin Redish

Pine Valley Turf 
Pine Valley Landscaping Update:  
This week is a skip week. Next week we will be focusing on finishing up the leafs and we will also start trimming back the perennial plants. The end of next week we will be performing the 2nd pine needle application for this year in the HOA.
The week before Christmas we will cut the turf in both the townhomes and HOA preparing for the Christmas holiday. Pine Valley will be closed from December 23 - January 1.  We will return on January 2 performing our bi-weekly visits. 
Kevin Redish
Pine Valley Turf 
Pine Valley landscaping update for the townhomes:
RE:  Pine Valley Townhome Landscaping Update
Good Morning 
This week we will be mowing on Wednesday at that time I will have the crews address the tree branch in the storm drain along Harris Road.
I will also follow up with Jeff on the email you sent about the broken heads and the concrete doughnuts. Next week we will be doing the first leaf pick of the season before Thanksgiving.
Kevin Redish
Pine Valley Turf 
Pine Valley landscaping update for the townhomes:
RE:  Pine Valley Townhome Landscaping Update

Good Afternoon:
I wanted to touch base on what has been happening in the townhomes the last week.  We have now cut the grass twice since aeration and seeding have seen really great results from the aeration.
This week we did notice the fall flowers were being eaten by rabbits and have applied rabbit repellent.  (At no charge)
We will also be starting are bi-weekly mowing this month in conjunction throughout the month of November we will be completing our last shrub trim of the year.
The crews will continue to treat weeds in the beds over the next few weeks as we prepare for winter. Please be patient as there are only so many hours in a day. We do complete spraying of the weeds in the landscape beds in sections upon each visit.
We will be doing the first leaf collection before Thanksgiving so over the next 2 weeks the crews will be blowing the leafs off of the turf into the landscape beds.
Jeff is about 50% complete on irrigation repairs in The Commons and Walkers Glen and will complete those this week as well.
Kevin Redish 
Pine Valley Turf 
Pine Valley will be mowing the townhouses on Thursday this week due to the rain we received on Monday.
Your HOA board is going to try and make a better effort to keep you updated on landscaping and irrigation in the future.  Residents brought this to our attention at last night's HOA meeting and we hope this forum helps.
We have completed repairs on the phase 1 pump and it's complete. Also, we have good germination as a whole in the townhomes. There are a few areas that we will be touching up next week during our visit. Jeff has gotten behind schedule with the weather on the irrigation repairs. He told me today that he should be done next week with head replacements. I did look at the transformer (Burrell Ave.) earlier in the week I thought the seed was coming up and looked good but I can go by and inspect tomorrow. We have also installed the fall/winter flowers.
Kevin Redish 
Pine Valley Turf 
Dear Moss Creek Residents,
Irrigation service will be suspended until Thursday, August 3, at 7pm. A motor failed on the pump station near the clubhouse this past week. A replacement motor has been ordered, and must be built, and is scheduled for installation in three weeks.
Until this work can be completed, our phase two pump station on the Greenway will power the entire community. Water levels are critically low at the phase two pond and the suspended service will allow for us to recharge the pond using water from phase one. We will prioritize service to residents over common areas and have scheduled service on Saturday to transfer additional water to catch up.
Any changes to the schedule will be communicated as we are able. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Moss Creek Master Association Board of Directors
7/27: Repairs to the stormwater drainage and city water lines is complete. 
Pine Valley is now repairing the damaged irrigation line. We expect irrigation service to resume Sunday, July 30. If repairs move more quickly, the system will be activated earlier.  The system will be run according to the existing irrigation schedule without rain hold for at least two weeks.
Should you experience an outage starting July 30 or beyond, please report the issue along with your address/zone to mosscreek@kuester.com.
7/17: Due to the rain over the weekend, the irrigation system has been placed on HOLD until Tuesday morning.  
7/6: Due to Yesterday's rain, the irrigation system has been placed on HOLD until Sunday morning.  
7/3: Irrigation system has been placed on HOLD until Wednesday afternoon.
Remember, the HOA is only responsible for getting water to your curb.  Anything beyond the curb, including timers, sprinkler heads, etc. is the responsibility of the homeowner (excluding Townhome Owners).  The Irrigation Manager’s focus is on the maintenance of the common areas and making sure the system is running properly during the scheduled times and the common grounds are being watered appropriately.
Proper timer programming is crucial to the functionality of the system and it is your responsibility to make sure your timers are set correctly. The clock/timer that you have in your garage is intended to facilitate the opening of your irrigation system on your Lot to the sub main during the specified hour that the timer is set for. This time should coincide with the time that the irrigation zone you live in runs.  First, make sure your timer is set properly and it still has its programming. If you are unsure about how to program your timer, check the owner's manual or consult with an independent landscaper. Many timer instruction manuals are available online.
Then, find your valve box in your yard that houses the electric valves that man your individual zones on your Lot.  There will be one valve per zone in your yard. Make sure that these electric valves are all turned off. You may have your clock set, but with these valves turned in the ON position, the clock is being bypassed and not operating according to its purpose. To turn your system from manual setting to clock function, you must turn off the irrigation valves in the valve box in your yard. If the valves will not turn any further to the right, they may need to be unscrewed and rinsed out. Dirt and mulch can get inside the workings and cause them to stick open (thus allowing your system to come on anytime during the day the HOA pressurizes the sub mains at the street). Being that Moss Creek’s irrigation system uses ‘dirty’ water or unfiltered well water instead of city water, there is regular system maintenance that is required to keep your system working properly- cleaning your filter and valves. You should do this at least once or twice a season. In addition, you must make sure that your system only operates one zone in your yard at a time during the hour of scheduled irrigation. The main system is designed to provide a total of 600 gallons of water to each lawn, spread over a one-hour time frame. For example, if your irrigation system has 4 zones, you will need to set your clock to run each separately -for say 15 minutes each. A good tip is to water side yard zones for less time and rotor zones longer and not to waste too much of your hour on any drip zones.  Broken heads are also a cause of much water waste. Please make sure that all of your heads are in working order. A broken head can waste as many as 25 gallons per minute!
Over-watering your lawn is not only wasteful, but it can lead to diseased turf and growth of fungi.  The system is equipped with turf-saturation sensors or rain sensors which will prevent the irrigation from being activated if the ground is saturated to a certain point. A ½ an inch of rain or more activates the system’s rain sensors. Do not over-compensate for a missed irrigation cycle by running multiple zones at once. This abuse of the system could cause you to lose your watering privileges or pay a fine.
The irrigation main lines and sub-mains are not usually pressurized during the daytime. To test or work on your system during business hours OR TO FLAG YOU IRRIGATION HEADS FOR AERATION, fill out the Irrigation Activation Request form on this website using this link or under the Irrigation tab. Note:  Irrigation inspections will be done each season. Every Homeowner must have their system running according to the Moss Creek  Please see Irrigation Resolution under the Irrigation tab. Irrigation Map and run times are also linked under the Irrigation tab on this homepage. Link to the FAQ page for contractor recommendations from other residents.
The irrigation season will end at the end of October- or as weather permits.
The 2017 Irrigation season begins 4/17
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