• chevron_rightHow can I check my HOA dues account balance?
    Go to www.ClickPay.com/fsresidential to enter your login and password. You can view your HOA account balances. If you are a Townhome Owner, you will have two separate accounts One with FirstService Residential and one with your current management company. Your login and password are provided to you after you register. If you are unsure of your log-in please reach out to ClickPay at 888-3543-0135 to request assistance for obtaining that information.
  • chevron_rightWhen are HOA Assessments due?
    For the Master Association, Assessments are due four times a year - quarterly: January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1.
    For the Townhome Association, Assessments are due monthly and master dues are paid quarterly as listed above.
    Payments can be made online at www.clickpay.com/fsresidential (you will need your account number)
    You can mail check or money order payments (PLEASE PUT ACCOUNT NUMBER ON MEMO LINE) to:
    Moss Creek Village Master Association, Inc.
    C/O FirstService Residential
    P O Box 93297
    Las Vegas, NV 89193-3297

  • chevron_rightWhere is the entrance to the nature trail?
    There are four entry ways for the trails. The primary entrance is off of Moss Farm between the two schools. The second entrance is at the end of Marquette Street. The Marquette St. entrance goes down a very steep hill, so be careful. The third entrance is at the end of Astoria. The fourth entrance is on Alexia Ct at the far north end of the trail. 
  • chevron_rightWho can I contract to fix my irrigation on my personal property?
    If you are a single-family homeowner (not applicable for townhome owners), you are responsible to maintain your irrigation system on your own lot. Anything in from the curb, including timers, sprinkler heads, etc. is the responsibility of each homeowner. The Association maintains the system from the ball valve at the curb-out including a number of wells, 2 pumps stations, 2 retention ponds, miles of pipeline and hundreds of valves. In light of such an elaborate master system, the irrigation system on your lot works the same way as the personal irrigation systems in any other neighborhood - the only difference is that you receive well water (vs.city) on a specific schedule provided by the Association.
    As with any component of a home, it needs regular maintenance. Since we use well water, you need to clean your filter (if you have one) often and your electric valves on a consistent basis. Occasionally, rotors and sprays will need replacing as well. If you are not skilled at doing this yourself, you will need to hire an irrigation contractor. To assist homeowners that frequently ask the question about whom to hire, we are compiling a list of contractors recommended by your neighbors (These contractors are in no means vetted by or have any affiliation with the Association). 
    Here is a link to submit the irrigation activation request  Request to provide irrigation water during business hours for repair purposes. 
    • Perfect Cut Landscaping – 704-791-5643
    • MTC Consulting – 704-361-0126
    • Antoines Sprinkler Repair Services – 704-516-3847
    • Atlantic Irrigation - sells irrigation parts at wholesale prices. www.atlanticirrigation.com
      6916 Statesville Rd, Charlotte, NC 28269  704.599.8927
    NC Irrigation Contractors' Licensing Board http://www.nciclb.org/    Link to search contractors with current licensing.