Architectural Control
The Architectural Control Committee is responsible for review and approval of all requests for architectural changes, such as fences, pools, additions, and trash can enclosures. If you would like to volunteer for the Architectural Control Committee please go to the "Contact Us" page and send us an email.

Moss Creek Architectural Application Process
There is a process for Architectural improvement approval.  We will need 3 things for a complete application:
1.       The completed form. Please be specific with dimensions and details.
2.       A copy of your Lot survey with markings showing where you plan to place the intended item.
3.       A visual is required- a drawing or picture of the intended item.
The Committee will receive the complete Application through the Onsite Manager. They have 30 days to make the decision, but you will often receive their decision within a week or so. Once the Onsite Manger has the decision, you will be notified.
Applications may be received in the Clubhouse office in person or submitted using the webform link below.
**As a reminder that you may be required to get a county permit for certain installations though it is not part of the HOA Architectural request process. Please note that the HOA is not a party to that process and has neither jurisdiction nor complete knowledge of the City/County requirements. You may contact Concord Code Enforcement at
Depending on what you are installing, it may be wise/necessary to call in a utility locate.    Remember, if a contractor is doing the digging and installation, the contractor must be the party to call in the locate. The liability for any damages falls to the party that requests the locate.