Moss Creek residents use an Amenities ID card to access the Moss Creek amenities. The HID card is a picture ID that is issued to each resident 12 years old and older (children under 12 receive a simple child tag).  The pool, tennis courts, clubhouse and gym are all access controlled and the ID card is swiped at the point of entry to release the magnetic lock on the door to that facility.
To obtain your Amenities ID card:
You may submit the webform application for Amenities IDs and a digital photo of each household member 12 years + via this web link:  The ID cards for you and those on your application will be created and mailed to you or made available for pick up at the front gate of the pool.
If your pass has been lost or damaged, the Association charges $15 each for replacement of cards that are less than 3 years old.
  • Please read the fitness center rules and drop off the completed contract to the onsite manager (or in the drop box by the clubhouse front door). Please submit a check (made out to Moss Creek)  for $30 for the current quarter with your completed contract. Once this has been done, we will upgrade your Amenities pass to provide you access to the gym. Beginning with the next quarter billing, your fitness center membership will appear on your quarterly HOA bill.
    All Resident’s Amenities IDs will gain them access through the front door of the clubhouse. Fitness Center members only will have access to the gym door and the door from the downstairs bathroom hallway to the gym.  The facility will be open 7 days a week from 5am-11pm. To CANCEL your fitness center membership, please fill out this cancelation form
  • Fitness Center Rules
  • pictures of the fitness center
  • Monarch Clubhouse Reservation Form  please go to the Clubhouse Reservations page of this website to view the clubhouse calendar for availability and to submit your reservation before sending this form to Kuester Management.
  • Pool Parties- All pool parties must be arranged through Trident Pool Group (704) 895-0818. When a Member Household brings 7 or more guests to the pool in day, it is considered a “Pool Party”. Trident will manage the reservations for all pool parties and keep a list of upcoming parties at the front gate. Trident requires residents to schedule pool parties with them at least one week in advance. North Carolina Law requires that there are a certain number of Lifeguards on hand per number of swimmers at the pool. Pool parties add to the estimated number of swimmers in a day thus requiring additional lifeguards to be staffed. Residents booking pool parties are required to burden the cost of the additional Lifeguard staff based on the number of guests in their party. Pool Parties may only be held during regular pool hours of operation. The HOA will provide you with 2 six foot tables and 12 folding chairs for your party as well as a specified Funbrella during your event.  You can submit your pool party reservation on Trident's website
  • Basketball Court Rules
  • Tennis Court Rules
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