If you are a single-family homeowner (not applicable for townhome owners), you are responsible to maintain your irrigation system on your own lot. Anything in from the curb, including timers, sprinkler heads, etc. is the responsibility of each homeowner. The Association maintains the system from the ball valve at the curb- out including a number of wells, 2 pumps stations, 2 retention ponds, miles of pipeline and hundreds of valves. In light of such an elaborate master system, the irrigation system on your lot works the same way as the personal irrigation systems in any other neighborhood- the only difference is that you receive well water ( on a specific schedule provided by the Association.
As with any component of a home, your irrigation system needs regular maintenance. Since we use well water, you need to clean your filter often (if you have one) and your electric valves on a consistent basis. Occasionally, rotors and sprays will need replacing as well. If you are not skilled at doing this yourself, you will need to hire an irrigation contractor. To assist homeowners that frequently ask the question about whom to hire, we have been compiling a list of contractors recommended by your neighbors (These contractors are in no means vetted by or have any affiliation with the Association). This information is located on the FAQ page of this website.  Don’t forget you will likely need to have irrigation water available during your appointment with an irrigation contractor so you will need to submit the Irrigation Activation form to request your zone be ‘turned on’. We have a link to a web form to make this request easy for you. (See links below) .  Once submitted, the request goes directly to Jacob, the irrigation manager.
  • If you receive an irrigation violation notice in your paper tube and your irrigation access is shut off by the irrigation manager, you will need to repair the issue and notify management so your access can be restored. The likely reason you would receive a violation is your system is operating manually instead of by your timer. If your irrigation system comes on when/if we pressurize your zone during non-watering hours for that zone, you will be in violation. This means that your irrigation system on your lot is open to the HOA irrigation sub main 24 hours a day. The two most common reasons for this are: 1. your timer is not set, off, or lost its programming. 2. Your electric valves in your yard are open or stuck open. If your valves are open, the timer is not managing your system and is basically useless. The timer ‘talks’ to the electric valves telling them when to open & close by a schedule. If valves are open manually, the timer cannot do its job. Valves can get stuck open if you don’t occasionally clean them out and perform some sort of maintenance on your irrigation parts. Like anything mechanical, maintenance is required to keep things working properly. We often hear “I’ve never touched my system” from a resident in wondering why they received a violation for improper operation.
  • If you are confused about what irrigation zone you are in, we are also making it easier for you to get this information. Being that the color-coded irrigation map is small and doesn’t have addresses on it, many residents have a hard time reading it. We now have an interactive google map! (UNDER CONSTRUCTION).Locate your house on the map and click on it to learn what zone and valve your home is served by.  All of the zones in Phase 2 have several valves per zone. There may be the occasion that just one of the valves within a zone will go down and only part of the zone will be rendered inoperable until the valve is repaired. Therefore, it will be helpful for you to know, not only your zone, but your valve # for reference when we provide irrigation updates on the home page of this website. 
Irrigation Forms