Clubhouse Reservations
The Clubhouse is now Open
The Monarch Clubhouse is very spacious for your private party or event.  There is a Great Room where the events are held, but you are welcome to use the sitting areas as well.  The Great Room has (3) 6 foot wooden dining tables with 6 chairs each. We have approximately 70 folding chairs and 7 6 ft. folding tables extra in the closet across from the kitchen.  In the Great Room there are also 5 Pub Tables with 4 stools each, 4 bar stools at the built in bar, 2 couches, and 2 chairs. In the sitting area there are 2 additional couches and 4 more chairs for seating.  There is a full kitchen with a full-size refrigerator, a sink, a microwave, coffee maker and a toaster oven.  There are men's and women's restrooms on this floor as well. 
Please be sure to include your set-up and clean-up time when entering your reservation entry and exit times.
Once your reservation is approved, your will receive a confirmation email with payment information.
We coordinate the monthly clubhouse party schedule with a volunteer that has the responsibility to close the clubhouse for private parties. The volunteer will meet you at the clubhouse at the end of your party right before your scheduled exit time to check you out and lock the doors.
You (the clubhouse renter and your party) are responsible to clean up after the party and take out the trash. You should be cleaned up by your scheduled exit time when the volunteer arrives to check you out.  
If you wish to use the Clubhouse later than 9pm (latest exit time is 11pm), you will need to hire an off duty Concord Police Officer to be present at the clubhouse after 9pm for the remainder of your party.
Reservation Rates
Reservation Fee for use of the clubhouse facility up to 5 hours is $250.00
There is an additional $50/hour fee for reservations exceeding 5 hours.
Resident Family Daytime Weekday Rate $75.00 (M-TH-no holidays)- A special rate for small parties (maximum 25 guests) that will exit by 5pm and last a maximum of 5 hours.
**Please note your reservation is NOT confirmed until you have paid the rental fee.  Rental fee must be paid once you have received confirmation that your reservation date and time are available.  Your reservation will be "pending" and subject to cancellation until such time as you have paid the fee.  
Moss Creek Reservation Application
All pool parties must be arranged through Trident Pool Group.
When a Member Household brings 7 or more guests to the pool in day, it is considered a “Pool Party”. Trident will manage the reservations for all pool parties and keep a list of upcoming parties at the front gate. Trident requires residents to schedule pool parties with them at least one week in advance. North Carolina Law requires that there are a certain number of Lifeguards on hand per number of swimmers at the pool. Pool parties add to the estimated number of swimmers in a day thus requiring additional lifeguards to be staffed. Residents booking pool parties are required to burden the cost of the additional Lifeguard staff based on the number of guests in their party.
Pool Parties may only be held during regular pool hours of operation. You can submit your pool party reservation by clicking this link

Booking the clubhouse does not mean you have access to the pool or vise versa. 
You must contact the Pool Management Company to hold a pool party, and contact First Service Residental to rent the Clubhouse. 
No Events at this time.