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Moss Creek’s Chase Carey Lands Record for World’s Largest Crayon for Petey’s Promise
Posted on Aug 23rd, 2012

Melting the crayons into pots of wax on a large catering truck grill, the teams of volunteers poured the hot wax into the large mold using scaffolding to reach the top. Chase helped design and build the mold with his father, Ben Carey. The crayon itself was constructed in just a few hours and left to cool overnight before attaching the tip portion.
“It was really hard figuring out what to make the mold out of, and then having to figure out the volume of how many crayons equaled how much wax,” said Chase. “My dad and I spent a lot of nights and weekends testing different materials and sizes for the mold, because we knew I would only get one shot to get the right size to beat the record. And there was really no way to test how long it takes 730 pounds of wax to solidify.”
Getting Petey’s Promise involved in the Coloring for Critters project was a no-brainer for the rising 6th grader since the organization is named for his family’s own rescued spaniel-lab mix. The non-profit helps financially strapped pet owners feed their pets while they get back on their feet. Chase understands exactly how scary it is to face giving up your pet because your family is struggling financially. It was why his mother founded Petey’s Promise four years ago.
“We almost had to give up Petey when I was little, and it was really scary for my mom and I,” Chase said. “I always want to help Mom feed more pets, and I was really excited about the chance to break the Guinness World Record with the crayon.”
“I never really thought we wouldn’t break the record, but we had a lot of problems with the mold cooling and I got pretty worried for awhile. Even then, I still never really thought we wouldn’t actually set the Guinness Record. You just have to know my mom, I guess, to understand. She has always told me there is no goal that I can’t achieve, but I don’t think she expected it would mean building a 9’ crayon.”
Petey’s Promise is the only pet food bank in the region, serving greater Concord and Charlotte.  The non-profit offers assistance to struggling pet owners so the pet owner can keep and maintain their beloved pets despite their financial situation. 
“Chase and I know from personal experience how devastating it can be to face losing your pet. I was a single mom, and I wasn’t sure I would be able to support us and Petey. Luckily I did, but now that we are able, it is important to him and I that we make sure other families don’t have to face the same decisions,” Mellott said. “Petey’s Promise has fed more than 4,000 pets in just a little less than four years. I am so proud of Chase and his dedication to Petey’s Promise and the Coloring for Critters event.”
The certification process was lengthy even knowing they had broken the record. It wasn’t completely official until the final certificate arrived in mid-July.
“Going from an idea of helping feed a few pets, to being actual Guinness Record holders is a little surreal,” Mellott said. “We knew we had beaten the record, but it has taken several months to get the actual verification from Guinness. Now that we have, I guess it just hasn’t quite sunk in that we ‘officially’ did it. I do know that we have fantastic friends that worked their butts off to help us, and to be honest, none of us ever want to see another crayon again. I think we just now got all the crayon wax out of the carpet.”
“Hopefully, this will put Petey’s Promise on the map, and bring attention to the growing problem of financially-struggling pet owners.”
Petey's Promise was the August 11th Winner in the 2011 Toyota 100 Cars for Good Program which awarded 100 non-profits a Toyota of their choice during the promotion. To find out more about Petey’s Promise, visit .