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Winter Pool Access
Posted on Jan 19th, 2015

As stated in the October newsletter article, the winter structure and a stand-alone permanent restroom structure will be entirely paid for by SwimMAC. And YES, IT WILL COME DOWN COMPLETELY IN THE SUMMER MONTHS. The gas pool heater has its own meter billable to MAC directly. Any extra chemicals will be paid by MAC to the pool management company and any electricity over our average for the facility, likely minimal, will be paid by MAC as well. The schedule of use of the winter facility will include set aside resident access time. MAC will provide us lifeguards at no charge for some of the resident access times. While the schedule for the facility has not yet been finalized, there will likely be a good amount of weekend time allotted to resident use as well as some weekday lap time.  Moss Creek will have to pay for the lifeguards that will service our weekend pool time. Additionally, MAC will continue the JSL programming as well as offer Teen Fit and other programs that residents will be able to sign up for.