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TOA Residents: Pine Valley/Landscaping Updates
Posted on May 25th, 2017

Pine Valley will not be able to mow between the townhomes in Walkers Glenn and some parts of the backs due to the ground being saturated with water. If they would do so, you’d have ruts of mud.
With Memorial Day ahead, Pine Valley will be a day behind schedule. Pine Valley doesn’t work on Sundays, which is very common in the landscaping business. Pine Valley services both The Commons and Walkers Glen 4-days a week, to allow for weather and other surprises. Right now, they are 1.5 days behind schedule, all due to the weather. This leaves them very little flexibility to finish the week even using this Friday and Saturday.
Pine Valley has promised to keep me in the loop and this email is to alert you to what challenges we are currently facing.
If you have any problems with what I’ve posted here, please attend our TOA meeting tonight at 6:30 p.m. Phone calls to Kuester or posting on Next Door will not help our cause.
Further updates will be posted on the website under Neighborhood News.
Bill Sandford
TOA President