The City's Matching Fund Program 2019
Posted on Sep 13th, 2019

City of Concord
Matching Fund Program 2019
Decorative Posts
Our HOA Board approved replacing five steel posts (stop & street signs) in our community this year with decorative posts.  This was accomplished through the City of Concord's Matching Fund Program.  The city will match up to $3000 if our project is approved and completed by the documentation submitted by the HOA Board.
This involves some paperwork that can be found on the city's website and two mandatory meetings usually held during business hours at City Hall.  If any of the two meetings are missed, we lose our eligibility for reimbursement.  If the documentation isn't submitted by the city's deadline in May, we'll have to wait until the following year.  For this reason, it's best to have all the documentation ready no later than April.  
This year and last, we replaced a total of ten steel posts.  This year we replaced a stop sign at the entrance of Walkers Glen/ Moss Farm Street, a stop sign on Skidaway/ Shumacher, a street sign on Skidaway/ Burrell, a street sign on Astoria/ Moss Farm Plantation and another street sign on Olive Hill/ Moss Farm Plantation.
The first Matching Fund we submitted was for additional street lighting in our community.  This was the most difficult submittal because it involves Duke Energy and homeowner property.  Just because we spotted certain locations for additional lighting, doesn't necessarily mean a light post can go in that spot.  That happened!
If you have other ideas for the city's Matching Fund Program, bring it to the attention of your HOA Board.  If you are particularly interested in additional street lights and willing to work this with the city next year, again bring it to your HOA Board.