Irrigation Testing Schedule
Posted on Apr 13th, 2020

Terra Green will begin the Homeowner Irrigation Testing on Monday, April 20th.
The system will go Live on Saturday, May 2nd
Different from years past, each zone will have 2 hours of irrigation testing during their Testing Day.
Testing will be done twice over the next two weeks for each Zone to allow time for repairs to be completed.
Please take your scheduled time to test your personal irrigation system and make repairs to broken lines and irrigation heads, as well as adjust your heads for optimal dispersal.
Below is the Testing Schedule for each Zone.
If you are unsure what Zone you are in - you can check the Irrigation Map or the attached PDF for your address.
What to do to Test your System
Remember, the HOA is only responsible for getting water to your curb. Anything beyond the curb, including timers, sprinkler heads, line leaks, etc. is the responsibility of the homeowner (excluding Townhome Owners).
If you are unfamiliar with how to work an Irrigation System, there are irrigation contractors you can hire to maintain and repair your system.
Here is a link to the Irrigation Contractors who are licensed in North Carolina -
Per the contract with the Master Association, Terra Green is not allowed to work on Homeowner irrigation systems.
Prior to Irrigation Testing
  • Timer is set to "Auto" so your system will activate during the testing.
  • Find your valve box in your yard that houses the electric valves that man your individual zones on your Lot. (There will be one valve per zone in your yard)
  • Make sure these electric valves are all turned off. You may have your clock set, but with these valves turned in the ON position, the clock is being bypassed and not operating according to its purpose.
  • Clean Filters and Valves of debris
During Irrigation Testing
  • Turn on your Irrigation System
  • Flag broken heads for replacement
  • Adjust nozzles to adequate spray coverage
  • Inspect irrigation lines and yard for leaks
After Irrigation Testing is Complete
  • Ensure your Timer is properly set to your scheduled Irrigation Time per the Map and it has it's Programming
    • Check the Owner's Manual of your Irrigation Timer - many manuals are available online
  • Schedule the zones in your yard for different times during your 1 Hour Seasonal Irrigation Time
    • For example, if your irrigation system has 4 zones, you will need to set your clock to run each separately - for say 15 minutes each.
    • Side yard Zones can be schedule for less time
    • Rotor Zones can be scheduled for longer time
  • Make all necessary repairs you noted during the irrigation testing
  • Keep your valves turns to the "OFF" position to allow your Irrigation Controller to turn them on and off when your system should be activated