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2008 SOCO Xmas Decorating Contest- The Castles!
Posted on Jan 13th, 2009

What\'s the story behind all the decorations?
Christmas is our family’s favorite holiday.
My wife and I love to go all out on the decorating.
I am responsible for the outside and my wife is responsible for the inside.
The inside of the house has as much decoration as the outside.
Our tradition is to start decorating the day after Thanksgiving.
We start with the Christmas tree. I setup the tree, my children place all the decorations on the tree and my wife places on the finishing touch of the Tinsel.
After that, the wife decorates the rest of the interior and I grab my ladder and hammer and go to work on the outside. Starting last year, my oldest son Matthew started assisting me with the outside decorating. He has showed much interest through the past few years in helping Daddy put everything in place.
One day, when he has grown and has his own family he will decorate his home and maybe win the community competition. I enjoy decorating for Christmas every year.
What inspired your creation?
I grew up with my parents decorating every year for Christmas.
I spent many years standing out in the cold to make sure my mom\'s Christmas decorations were perfectly centered in every window. Usually, this was not a problem until neighborhood friends would stop by and throw snowballs at me while I directed where to tape the decorations.
I was stuck in the middle, defending myself from snowballs and getting yelled at by my mom for not paying attention to the alignment of decorations.
I will never forget those childhood memories and I enjoy sharing those stories with my family. Finally, I enjoy watching cars drive up and stop to look at our lights every year. Drawing a crowd makes me feel that I have done a good job.
How did you get started?
My decorating and collection started 11 years ago when my wife and I purchased our first home.
My wife takes pictures every year and it is amazing to see how far the collection has come from year to year.
How long has it taken to get to this point?
My collection is approximately 11 years in the making. I add on a little each year.
This year was my first year I started experiencing issues with blown breakers.
Next year may require the purchase of a generator. This community recognition continues to inspire my efforts and I don\'t mind the added expenses - plus Duke Energy loves me during the month of December!
Do you add on each year?
Yes - I add on every year. I take full advantage of the "Super Sales" the day after Christmas.
My wife thinks I am crazy shopping the day after but she is getting used to my obsession.
My collection is made up of items that are 80% the original price. This is the best way to add the larger items that are displayed on my property. There is more to come next year.
I already acquired my light sync system with matching music. If all goes well this year it is very possible that our display will include actual snow. Don\'t miss out!