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The Commons Berm & Walkers Glen Monument
Posted on Jan 29th, 2019

TOA Landscaping Committee
If you have a "green thumb", we are interested in you!
Pine Valley has been doing a great job the past three years with our turf and we'd like to see if residents would like to form a landscaping committee to "spruce up" our TOA monuments during the year and take care of the Christmas decorations when the time comes.  
Your board has finally got to the point where our berm and the WG monument is in an attractive state.  We only need a handful of volunteers (2 or 3) and during the year it would involve some weed pulling and perhaps tilling.  It's a good way to get out of the house and do something for your community.  
If interested, please email  
On a side note, the same offer goes out to all HOA residents.  Every community has a monument and a little extra loving care goes a long way.