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Mike Caron- Our HOA Irrigation Specialist puting in 30 hours a week in Community Irrigation
Posted on Oct 13th, 2009

His duties will continue to be the general oversight and maintenance of the HOA irrigation system. He will be checking the wells, retention ponds and master valves on a regular basis. He will also be able to respond to issues more quickly when the system does not run.
In addition to his maintenance responsibilities, Mike will also be assisting with the enforcement of Moss Creek Irrigation Guidelines and ongoing owner education of the irrigation system. Understanding the complexity of our system, Mike brings a great deal of experience to our Community and will assist with diagnosing individual issues for residents that may be having problems with their own system. Mike’s final duty will also include servicing individual residents (for an additional cost) with their own irrigation problems on their lot. By using Mike, owners will be able to reduce their cost for added service because of his onsite presence. Some services he may be able to help owners with are establishing a monthly maintenance contract, installation of filters or timers/clocks, winterization, and general head maintenance. If you would like to contract Mike for any work outside the scope of Association responsibility, he is available by calling (704) 943-7278. As always, continue to contact Holly (x7701) or Ben (x7729) at Kuester Management (888) 600-5044 for other HOA related issues.