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Bringing Moss Creek into the Loop
Posted on Oct 26th, 2009

 This conveyance has many positive aspects! For one the Homeowners of Moss Creek will no longer be financially responsible to maintain the trail. This is a huge relief of burden on the budget in the coming years. The city has plans to pave the trail and tidy up the area, add a playground area closer to the section near the school, offer more connectivity to other parks, provide park-like amenities along the trail, and even supply an armed Park Ranger!
This month, Thursday October 29th at the Clubhouse from 5-7:30, the Concord P&R plans to hold a question and answer workshop in Moss Creek to be able to answer questions and provide more details.  Also check out the P&R website for the full scope of their Greenway plan A major drive of the Parks and Recreation Department is about growing the Greenway project. The Concord and Cabarrus Greenway project is one of the links in the Carolina’s Thread Trail system which links trails across the state!
In the words of the Parks and Recreation Department…
A GREENWAY IS a long narrow park that typically follows a natural feature such as a stream or ridge, or perhaps an abandoned railroad corridor. Most greenways have trails but some do not.
THE BENEFITS OF A GREENWAY are many, from health benefits resulting from exercise and fresh air to the environmental benefits that affect wildlife and quality of life.
RECREATION AND HEALTH: by creating a greenway system, we make it easier to access a park and to lead a healthy lifestyle through exercise such as walking and biking.
TRANSPORTATION: greenways enable residents to move about the City without driving a car. This is a wonderful way to access restaurants, entertainment, other parks, shopping and employment.
EDUCATION: walking on a greenway trail puts us in close proximity to streams and wildlife that we may not see in active parks or in our normal daily activities. This interaction with the streams and wildlife makes us more aware of the value of our water quality and of the plants and animals that live nearby.
ENVIRONMENT: in addition to providing trails, greenways also serve to enhance water quality by preserving a buffer between development and streams and they create wildlife corridors throughout our city.
The Livable Community Blueprint identifies a future pedestrian/ bicycle trail system of over 200 miles throughout Cabarrus County. Greenways in Concord will eventually include 40 miles of trails along streams such as Rocky River, Irish Buffalo Creek, Coddle Creek, Three Mile Branch, and Academy Creek.
DON'T FORGET to join us Thursday 10/29/09 anytime between 5-7:30 for this drop-in style workshop for question and answer sessions with the Parks and Recreation Dept! The Community will be asked to approve the decision by a majority vote in the coming months.