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Posted on Oct 29th, 2009

The end of the Irrigation season is approaching. We had published that we expect to turn the system off on the 31st of October. As always, the weather has a role in how long the system should remain active. The weather is  continuing to hold decent teperatures, so Mike will leave the irrigation system on for an additional week to allow those residents that have done late overseeding to benefit from irrigation.
On Saturday Daylight Savings will end. Please DO NOT change your irrigation timer settings. Mike will not change the clock on the HOA system. If you change your  irrigation clock to reflect the end of DLS you will not be in sync with the Master system and you will miss your watering time. All settings should remain as they are.
It appears temperatures will drop after next week, so the scheduled shut down will occur on the 7th of November. Any changes or updates will be posted here.