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November Elections for Two Master Association Board Positions
Posted on Oct 23rd, 2013

The Master Board of Directors has 2 seats that are open for (re-)election. Eligible candidates are Homeowners with an interest in serving this community.
Here are some things to consider as you contemplate who might make a good Board member:
*Community association boards consist of officials elected to represent and protect the best interests of their constituents.
*Community associations are corporate entities whose board members must maintain the value of a jointly owned asset.
*Community associations are social entities—neighborhoods of people who expect the board to preserve, if not improve, their quality of community.
Ultimately, the role of the Board is to protect and increase property values. This is accomplished by operating the association, maintaining the common property, and enforcing the governing documents
Those interested in submitting for candidacy may contact Ben Rhodes at (888) 600-5044 ext 7729, Please note that to be eligible to run for a position on the Board of Directors your assessment account must be current and you must be an owner of record of the HOA. The Board currently meets monthly in person and occasionally on special topics intermittently. 
The two incumbents whose seats are up for re-election (Carolann Stillie and Bryant Kearns) will also run for re-election. The terms are 3 years each.
Voting will take place at the November meeting in person or by proxy. The proxies will be mailed along with the 2014 budget announcement/Annual Meeting notice by November 7th. The Annual/Budget Ratification meeting will be held at 7pm on Wednesday November 20th at the Clubhouse.
To submit your interest in candidacy, please send your letter of intent and resume to BY NOVEMBER 5th, 2013 for inclusion in the Annual Meeting notice and proxy paperwork.