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Getting Moss Creek into the Loop!
Posted on Nov 13th, 2009

This conveyance has many positive aspects! For one, the Homeowners of Moss Creek will no longer be financially responsible to maintain the trail. This is a huge relief of burden on the budget in the coming years. (In fact, dues could potentially increase in future years to help pay for repairs that are forthcoming!) The city has plans to pave the trail and tidy up the area, add a playground area closer to the section near the school, offer more connectivity to other parks, provide park-like amenities along the trail, and even supply an armed Park Ranger! On October 29th, Parks & Rec Leaders held an informational workshop at our clubhouse. Those residents that were able to stop by were able to meet with the Department heads, review maps, have questions answered and make suggestions. The response was very positive. Some of the questions that were addressed were Q: ‘What will be done about additional parking?’ A: P&R plans to work with the schools to expand the parking lots there to accommodate any extra traffic that might occur. Q: ‘Will my taxes be affected?’ A: No, taxes will not be increased by the City to accommodate new Greenway areas. Q: ‘Will there be an increase of misuse by non-residents or un-savory characters?’ A: As it stands now, the trail is unmonitored and there is no easy way to keep non-residents off the trail. Our trail is somewhat hidden from public view. Those seeking nature trails via the Parks and Rec website are more inclined to be the types that will use and appreciate it properly. In addition, we will have the benefit of the Park Ranger, a law enforcement officer to monitor visitors daily. Additionally, security concerns will be discussed in the design of the trail. For those interested, at the possible annexation will be discussed at the next City Council meeting on December 10th at 6pm.
Our job as residents is not done here. In the coming month we will receive in the mail, via Kuester, a ‘voting ballot’ that will be the final responsibility of each resident in the Community to sign. The Moss Creek Governing Documents require 80% of the residents to physically sign off on any transfer of common property. This is very important! Without the signatures, Parks and Rec will be unable to apply for the grant and move forward with the project. If we do not get the signatures, we will have to wait an entire year to even be able to attempt this again and that will depend on what other projects or prospective sites the P&R has on their plate at that time. We do not want to miss this great opportunity! Please keep an eye on your mailbox for this important ballot and don’t hesitate to return it promptly. This opportunity cannot happen without at least 80% of us joining together to make it work!
 Visit and check out the Greenways!!