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Toy Gun Play in Moss Creek
Posted on Feb 11th, 2009

Residents: Parents and kids, please remember, play is meant to be fun. These sorts of toys must be used with respect. Remember, police officers may not be able to tell whether you are holding a play gun or a real one.
Concord City Ordinance: Sec. 42-4. Discharging air-operated or gas-operated guns.
It shall be unlawful for any person to shoot or discharge in any manner any
type of pistol, revolver or rifle operated by use of air or gas,
whether compressed or otherwise, within the corporate limits of the
city. In addition to the civil penalties provided for in section 1-6,
violation of this section shall be a misdemeanor punishable by a fine
not to exceed $50.00 as provided for in N.C.G.S. 14-4.(Code 1987, §
9-7; Ord. No. 02-44, § 1, 7-11-02)State law references: Permitting
young children to use dangerous firearms, G.S. 14-316; authority to
regulate pellet guns, G.S. 160A-190.
Sec. 42-5. Discharging firearms.(a) It shall be unlawful for any
person to shoot or discharge any gun, pistol or other firearm, BB gun,
air compression gun, spring gun or other similar device which propels
with force a shot, pellet or other projectile within the municipal
corporate limits of the city.(b) Nothing in this section shall be
construed so as to prohibit:(1) Any person from discharging any
firearm in the lawful defense of his person, family or property or
pursuant to lawful directions of law enforcement officers;(2) Any
sworn law enforcement officer from discharging a firearm in the
performance of official duties;(3) Any person, corporation or
organization operating a rifle, pistol, skeet or trap range or other
firing range including turkey shoots, which range is substantially in
accordance with specifications promulgated by the National Rifle
Association or by an equivalent nationally recognized firearms safety
authority for the type and caliber of firearm being fired;(4) Any
person using, as intended, any device used for the firing of stud
cartridges, explosive rivets or similar ammunition;(5) Any person
using model rockets designed to propel a model vehicle in a vertical
direction;(6) Any person using a weapon or other instrument used to
fire blank ammunition for a lawful purpose;(7) Any person from
discharging a firearm as part of a funeral ceremony under section
26-6 of this Code;(8) A person hunting on his own property or with
the property owner, or on another\'s property in their absence if he
has on his person a valid state hunting license and written
permission from the property owner, and:a. The firearm discharged
by the person hunting is a shotgun employing number four or higher
shot or is steel shot labeled "T, BBB, or F" for taking geese;b. There
is a valid hunting season in effect at the time the shotgun is
discharged;c. The shotgun is not discharged within 500 feet of a
dwelling house, school, church, or any other occupied building,
street or road, park or recreation area or other type of public
gathering place;d. The parcel or tract of land which the hunter
owns or has permission to hunt upon is greater than 20 acres in area;
ande. The person discharging the shotgun exhibits reasonable regard
for the safety and property of other persons;(9) Any person engaged
in a commercial livestock operation from using a firearm or other
weapon in defending any commercial animal against any other animal.(c) Any
person violating the provisions of this section shall, upon
conviction, be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be fined $500.00 or
imprisoned 30 days, or both. Violators may be subject to a civil
penalty of $500.00 to be recovered in the nature of a debt.(Code
1987, § 9-8)State law references: Discharging certain weapons into
occupied property, G.S. 14-34.1; authority to regulate firearms, G.S.