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Paving and Pothole Filling Scheduled
Posted on Mar 23rd, 2011

J&B Development has promised that they have scheduled the paving contractor to begin the project of completing some of the remaining top-coat paving needed in Moss Creek. They plan to begin the job within a month. The potholes will be filled before then. They will do the remaining paving is phases. Phase 1 will be Moss Farm and Moss Plantation Ave. The subsequent phases will follow in the later spring.
Please understand that the Homeowner's Association is not responsible for street paving, pothole filling, curb or sidewalk maintenance. It is first the responsibility of the Developer. Once the Developer applies the top-coat, the City will apply a one-year warranty waiting period after which time the City of Concord will take over the maintenance responsibility from the Developer.
The Homeowner's Association and Management Company have been working for you to get this project moving by the Developer.
Also, J&B is in process of ordering streetlights for the remaining areas in Phase 2 that have development planned streetlights. Between Duke Energy, the City, and J&B, these streetlights will be installed according to their installation schedule.