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Small Sink Hole Repair: Moss Farm Plantation
Posted on Mar 2nd, 2018

The City of Concord responded very quickly to a call about this sinkhole.  If you see sinkholes or anything that is out of the ordinary, please report it to Kuester Management as soon as possible. 
This is part of the email we received from Randy Shue, Concord's Street Superintendent:  "There are some utility conduits visible in the hole that will need to be identified before we can perform any type of repairs. NC state law requires that we contact NC811 to have the utilities located before we can excavate to determine the cause of the sinkhole. NC811 was contacted this morning and we will have to wait until after March 6 to give the utility company’s time to locate their lines in the area. This is a very small hole that I think may be from where someone attempted to dig to find the buried conduit, it does not appear that it will get any larger."