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Irrigation Season 2015
Posted on Apr 1st, 2015

Irrigation season begins on April 14th. Remember- irrigation systems NEED REGULAR MAINTENANCE like cleaning out the valves and filter. It is each single-family Homeowner’s responsibility to make sure his/her personal system is in compliance with Community standards. This means making sure your system is running by the timer and not manually (make sure the electric valves in the valve box in your yard are shut off so that the timer in your garage runs your system when set properly), making sure your heads are not broken and wasting water, that you are only running one zone at a time during the hour of scheduled watering and that you are utilizing only 10 gallons of water per minute (600 gallons in the hour of watering time allotted).  This is also a smart time to change or check your battery in your timer. Even though the clock is plugged in, any power loss or surge will cause you to lose all your programming if you do not have a working battery in for back-up. Irrigation inspections will be performed regularly to alert homeowners that are out of compliance.  ***Throughout the season, if you are experiencing difficulties with your irrigation system and plan to schedule an appointment to have an outside irrigation contractor of your choice evaluate your system (or perform maintenance yourself), you will need to complete the Irrigation Activation Form in order to get access to irrigation water outside your regular watering schedule. This form will serve as notification to the HOA’s irrigation manager to pressurize your irrigation zone during your scheduled appointment with your contractor (or yourself). The form can be found on the community website under the Irrigation tab. You do not need to hire the same contractor the HOA uses. Any skilled irrigation contractor can work on your irrigation system on your property. The only difference with this community, is that your availability to irrigate your yard is on an HOA specified schedule- otherwise your system works the same way as if you owned a home where you used your own city water to irrigate. Activations will only be accepted after the season has begun (after 4/15). For additional reference, the General Irrigation Information page (on the website too) will provide further details to you and you contractor.
***On that note, we would like to announce that Coleman Burnett Inc. (CBI-our landscape contractor) now also has the contract to service and maintain the Moss Creek irrigation system (the common elements of the system). We feel confident that they will be able to provide the HOA a high level of service and attention. They are on a 25 hour a week schedule with the HOA. **As a reminder, the HOA’s responsibility to maintain irrigation stops at the ball valve at the curb of each single-family home (where your personal system taps the submain line).  CBI will not cross into your yard to maintain any part of your personal irrigation system. They will also be making upgrades to the phase 1 irrigation control system that are long due. While any new irrigation contractor may have some learning curve in the intricacies of our utopian-ly designed irrigation system, we look forward to CBI’s dedication and organization to bring us a great irrigation season!