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Amenities IDs/ Pool Passes
Posted on Apr 9th, 2015

Pool OPENS MAY 16th
Winter is OVER! Pool season is almost here! Make sure you have your pool pass/Amenities ID before the pool opens! There is no need to renew IDs year to year so take care of your ID cards. Remember, you will not be admitted to the pool without a valid Amenities ID. You will soon receive the 2015 Pool Season letter by mail (Tenants, these will be mailed to the owner with instructions to pass forward to you). Inside will be two (2) 2015 Guest Passes. Leftover Guest Passes from previous season are still valid as they do not expire (the BOD has decided not to change this rule at this time). New applicants for Amenities IDs will find on the Moss Creek website (under Amenities tab) the link to the Amenities ID application e-form (new this year- submit your application through the web- no more paper apps!). For Amenities IDs, see Lisa at the clubhouse office Wednesdays 6-8pm and Saturdays 10am-2pm, beginning on April 11th (out week of 4/13--- back in 4/22>). All amenities ID and gym membership requests will be processed during those specific days and times.