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Nature Trail Update
Posted on Jul 14th, 2010

Last year, Moss Creek was approached by the City of Concord Parks and Recreation Department about our Nature Trail. The greater hope is to deed the Trail to the P&R Dept so that they may improve the trail and connect it into the Greenway system and eventually have it become a part of the North Carolina Thread Trail system. In January, many dedicated residents went door to door to get the signatures required of our Governing Documents to deed the trail to P&R. With this proof that Moss Creek was willing to deed the trail over, the Park & Rec Leaders put together the grant proposal for this year’s Greenway funds award. Many proposed Greenway projects from across the State were in the running. When the decision was handed down in June, it was announced the Moss Creek Trail project was not chosen as a winner in the first phase of the Grant Awards. The projects that were chosen in June had been in the running for the grant money 2-3 years in a row. This month, Mark Kincaid of Concord P&R is attending a conference where the remainder of the funds for 2010 Greenway Projects will be awarded to vie for the Moss Creek project. If the proposal for the Moss Creek Trail is unsuccessful at this conference, Parks & Rec will gear up to submit our trail for next year’s grant in February.
We have all seen the improvements happening to the section of the trail between the elementary and middle school and along Harris Rd. This section of the trail does not belong to Moss Creek but to the County. Our trail property line runs at the far side of the irrigation retention pond off Marquette Street. Luckily for us, this portion of the trail with the 2 damaged bridges belongs to Cabarrus County, so the liability is theirs. The County received a special grant to restore the wetlands area by the schools.