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Master Swimming Program
Posted on Jul 1st, 2014

SwimMAC Masters is happy to announce a new training group at the Moss Creek pool. Swimmers of all abilities are welcome. Whether you want to improve your overall fitness, swim just for fun, develop better technique, or train for triathlons, open water swims, or pool swimming competitions, you will find someone to swim with. We will be utilizing both the 6 lane 25 yard pool and the 8 lane 50 meter pool.
Our practices have already started. We will be swimming Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 5:30 - 6:45 am.
We will be offering one free trial week and then after that the costs will be as follows...
Moss Creek Residents - $50/month
IMPORTANT: Everyone who participates must be a registered United States Masters Swimmer (USMS) for insurance reasons. It is an annual registration and comes with some great benefits. You can register at this link
Registration and other information is available at MAC website
If you have any questions or concerns please contact Kevin Happ