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Street Paving in the Development
Posted on Aug 1st, 2011

Since the posting on the Community website in March concerning paving, there has been an update of information from the Developer and the City. The Developer has worked out their discrepancies with the City and plans to begin the paving project in the near future.  It will be an expansive project as the main roads will need to be ripped up and repaved, instead of just top-coated due to the amount of damage they have incurred.
Once a paving date is “set in stone” I will post it on the website and keep residents in the loop on the construction and any effects to Homeowners regarding traffic flow.
As a reminder, please understand that the Homeowner's Association is not responsible for street paving, pothole filling, curb or sidewalk maintenance. It is first the responsibility of the Developer. Once the Developer applies the top-coat, the City will apply a one-year warranty waiting period after which time the City of Concord will take over the maintenance responsibility from the Developer.