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Posted on Aug 8th, 2011

We are happy to inform you that the final paving project is slated to begin tomorrow. They will begin by milling down the 3 main roads- Moss Farm, Moss Plantation and Village Commons. Once that is complete, they will take it down to the sub-grade and then re-pave. The smaller streets in the development will be done after the main roads are completed. WEATHER PERMITTING, they expect this process will take approximately 2 weeks. They hope to have the main roads completed before school resumes.
***Many may have noticed that, after the curb repairs were done last week, vandalism occurred to the wet concrete of many of the repaired areas. The Developer and the City are taking this VERY seriously! The City's Chief Inspector and City Manager have asked the police Captain, Templeton, to have patrol pay special attention to Moss Creek during this process. ANYONE caught vandalizing or disturbing the new concrete will be ARRESTED and prosecuted. Financial reparation for any damages caused will be required of those caught. PLEASE make sure all minors are aware of the seriousness of their actions should they be caught carving their initials, etc into the wet concrete. Please call Concord PD if you witness any vandalism.
Your patience is greatly appreciated during this project! We know all residents are excited to see this project get underway