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Potential Amendment to CC&Rs to Restrict Leasing
Posted on Sep 10th, 2014

There is a proposal to change the Moss Creek Village Master CC&Rs to restrict leasing of homes. Linked here are the proposed amendment (which will be the 2nd amendment to the CC&Rs, if passed) and the ballot for voting. If you wish to fill out the ballot: print, sign and return it to the drop box outside the front door to the clubhouse or scan it and email it to All ballots must be received by Sept 15th. The governing documents require 2/3 (67%) vote to alter the CC&Rs. That translates to 831 ballots.
We currently have received only 152 signed ballots back from Moss Creek owners- a very far cry from the 831 needed to pass this amendment. By EOB Monday Sept 15th, if 831 ballots approving the amendment are not in hand, it will not pass and no change will be made to the current CC&Rs.
If the community truly wishes to amend the language in the CC&Rs regarding leasing, and the necessary ballots have not been collected by 9/15, the ballot collection process must start all over.